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Harsh Chawda,
Professional Photographer

Harsh Chawda is a professional photographer from Vadodara, India, who captures moments of life, culture, beauty, product, interior, wedding, commercial through photography. He is drawn to locations that have a rich cultural background steeped in tradition and is especially interested in portrait photography.

Harsh is a contributor to photography. Techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, creative perspective, and most importantly, the personalities of the people he photographs!

Harsh started chasing his passion way back in 2016. He left his job & went to Mumbai for pursuing his passion and from then there was no turning back. At the beginning level, though it was tough for him to sustain in the competitive world of photography, he overcame the difficulties because of his never giving up attitude.

My Skills

I feel like a documentarian of beauty.

Freezing a moment to create memories.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

Travel to explore the unexplored.

I like adding beauty to the art done by the designer.

Captures the chemistry between the couple.

I give the product a medium to speak through photos

The visual art represents the inner me.

Makes high-profile people Pose.

Why Choose Us?

light composure

We give equal importance to exposure, composition, white balance, and the story being told within the frame

Professional skills

Visualize the client’s requirements and work to achieve them.

Perfect Equipment

The cinematic and exposure effect is largely because of the gear we use. 


We tell stories in 24fps. 


To present a very compelling story through the magic and power of photography.


We focus on the pace with which the story moves to involve a viewer.

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